Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gosy looner blows to pop a balloon! 17'' Tuftex :) Sexy b2p!

Hi looners! Sorry for the lack of updates... I hadn't got time for looning :(
I was studiying for my university exams...and I needed to have a rest! a b2p rest!
In this video I'm blowing up until the burst a Tuftex 17 balloon! from loonerworld.de So loud! and fun! I needed it!! You know what I mean ;)
I hope you enjoy it!
I love to fulfill looner fantasies! If you want me play, or burst loons (in all the ways that you can imagine) for you in a custom video, please contact me at gosylooner@gmail.com
You can also check my Facebook page and Blog!
Lots of Kisses to all my fans! I love you all!
You will have new videos very soon!! Waiting for your words :)
Gosy :)